Ghost-mk2                                          What a breakthrough evolution!!!! 



With a new fresh design and many possibilities up to 10 gigabits, Ghost-mk2 is a new product from Agora Audio. Scalability and flexibility may surprise you. 

Compatible with Agora Controller and all Agora products
Discover the most important features:


• More Access Security 
• 10* OLED screens 
• ONE MODEL for 1/10Gbits network infrastructure 
• More scalability with 4 independant 1 Gbit or 10Gbits F.O ports 
• More flexibility for managing User/Transmit/Control ports 
• Fanless 
• Internal Redundant Power Supply as Standard
• QUAD option





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Ghost 2 is active on a part of the Beijing Olympic network 

        INFOCOMM 2023- ORLANDO, FL                         JUNE 14-16- Booth 5169                  with Allied ProTech

            Beyoncé - Stade de France               1* Fast 2 - FOH and 8* G2/GPI around


Ghost & Fast are available in several rental companies

Live, Touring & Broadcast 


AV network, Dante, Gigabit ethernet  switch, Ethercon, OpticalCon