H1 - Hybrid audio network bridge


H1 is a 19’’ 1U half-rack modular hybrid platform designed for multiplexing,
transport and delivery of the most common AoIP protocols
and audio signals. H1 can be simultanously a standalone audio
bridge and an AoIP LAN switch which makes possible the most
sophisticated audio network topologies.


1x128x128 audio channels matrix for connections between internal and external slots

2 internal ports connected to AudinateTM Brooklyn II primary and secondary interfaces

3 Ethercon® 10/100 /1000 Mbps ports on front with OLED screens

1 RJ45 10/100 /1000 Mbps ports on the rear panel.

99 Groups can be managed at once.

1 Ethercon® 1000 Mbps ports for Ghost linking.

Bus, ring, star and hybrid topologies available.

Delivered with 19" rackmounting accessories




2 Opticalcon® Duo or Quad 10 000 Mbps for Ghost linking. 

Available in single-mode and multi-mode versions.

Internal redundant Power Supply Unit available.


Rack-mounting solutions


H as "Hybrid", this platform includes in a half-rack 19" format:

1. A Dante™/AES67 Audinate Brooklyn II module(64*64 channels at 48KH

2. An audio matrix (128*128 channels at 48KHz)
3. A external slot to insert all AxC cards from Auvitran.

4. A manageable L2 Ethernet switch

H1 makes easy the bridging between Dante™/AES67 and various digital audio formats (AES3, MADI,…) , AVB-MILAN as well as legacy audio network protocols (Cobranet™, Ethersound™). When used with a Mic/Line analog card, H1 becomes an high quality noiseless compact stage box. The integrated low latency audio matrix connects independently the audio channels on both sides of the bridge.  AVS monitor software is the dedicated tool to configure the audio core and the switch (Groups, Transmit ports, Q.O.S, link redundancy,…)  in a unique workflow. Integrated into a global network like all Agora products, H1 provides a dual-service functionality as a managed network switch and an audio end-point .As a convergent and modular tool, H1 save rack space, expand the possibilities and improves the job for money ratio with an all-in-one design. In addition, lighting communication protocols (ArtNet, MANet, SaCN,…) are supported.
In addition, to match a large range of applications, H1 is supplied with rack mounting parts in half-rack format and in 2*H1 = 1U format. As options, you will find a wall-mounting kit and a truss-mounting kit to hang it in a truss.

Finally, as with all AGORA products, fiber optic and internal redundant power supply options are available on request.

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