References - Fixed installations

Tour Eiffel - Paris (75)

Ghost is distributing the ethersound networks for the public address system of the Eiffel Tower.

Palais de la musique et des congrès de Strasbourg (67)

All the rooms are connected by fiber optic, Ghost brings a signal distribution solution with management of the various audiovisual protocols at all points of the building.

Dante - Artnet - control network

KOEZIO - Bruxelles

This indoor leisure park
Offers Action, brainstorming and teambuilding. The management of all protocols dedicated to the transport of audio signals is carried out with Ghost System.

Facades on Boulevard de la République and Place Wilson - Agen (47)

The use of Ghost on this installation made it possible to extend the Artnet network of an already existing installation of Martin projectors (321 Tripix 300 + 5 Exterior 410) all managed by an Artnet recorder and a Node Enttec.

Via singlemode fibers, we extended 2 networks 300m further, to synchronize the lighting of a square and the boulevards.


Concert hall - La Nef - Angoulême (16)

The Famous Cabaret "Le Moulin Rouge" - Paris (75)

4 Ghost units have been installed to ensure the distribution of audio, light and intercom networks.
The Ghost system allows them to configure and monitor all networks from the control room.

One of the best theme parks in the world -  Puy du Fou - Epesses (85)

The Puy du Fou selects Ghost to manage the key points of its architecture of the lighting networks of the night show. Questions about the management of the different digital signals present on this show are more than topical. Indeed, the capabilities of the Ghost system, which includes the management of all the units interconnected by Ghost manager (dedicated software) at all points in the topology and the precise monitoring, enabled the services managing the digital data flows and Audiovisual services to find a common solution.